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Jessie Puckett

Business Administrator

Ms. Puckett joined the Exceptional Case Services team in 2011 as an Administrative Assistant to the medical and rehabilitation consultants across the company. Over the next three years, she became proficient in the management of the day-to-day operations of the company and was trained into the responsibilities of Business Administrator by the acting Business Administrator at the time. In 2014, Ms. Puckett was promoted to Business Administrator for ECS when the position became available.

Jessie began collaborating with the President, Julie Campbell, in the development of a proprietary software for comprehensive management and documentation for ECS, as well as for billing and invoicing processes via a professional software development company, Feature23. She has undergone extensive classes and other training in the financial corporate policies and procedures as well as the human resources side of ECS and is the primary contact overseeing the corporate Accounting Firm and professional Human Resources company for ECS. Her legal, human resources, and payroll education remains an ongoing process to stay up to date with changes. She is responsible for client services, inventory, assisting with client development, coordinating marketing activities, personnel training and orientation, staff credentialing and certification management, as all other business services. As the Business Administrator, she manages all the office personnel, and coordinates all the onboarding for all new Medical Consultants.

Jessie Graduated Baldwin High School in 2003, and immediately began her career in the medical field, working as a physician liaison, scheduling commercial and workers compensation patients and procedures, performing hospital coordination, medical ordering, patient follow up and patient education. She progressed to supervisory roles over the next few years until the beginning of her employment with ECS.

Jessie is a licensed Notary Public in the State of Florida.

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