Exceptional Case Services, Inc.

Medical Consulting Services

  • Full field medical case management
  • Catastrophic medical case management
  • Task assignments
  • Inpatient medical record/Concurrent utilization review
  • Discharge record review/Retrospective review
  • Hospital discharge coordination
  • Home assessment
  • Medical/Legal file review
  • Liability Review
  • IME scheduling/coordination
  • Professional physician conferences
  • Medical/Legal consulting
  • Limited telephonic case management
  • Medical Chronologies

Consultants are available to travel to the hospital the day of the injury, if necessary, to assist with coordinating potential needs. These may include:

  • Hospital transfers
  • Initial medical review to assist with setting of reserves
  • Discharge planning and coordination
  • Coordinating with employers
  • Records review for clarification of diagnosis

Following discharge from inpatient care, our consultants may assist with:

  • Coordinating physician referral
  • Physician conferencing
  • Transportation coordination
  • Therapy and home health referrals
  • Durable medical equipment and orthotic referrals
  • Imaging and testing referrals
  • On site job analysis
  • Ergonomic evaluation and coordination of implementation of changes
  • On-going coordination with the employer to facilitate appropriate return to work
  • Evaluation for vocational intervention needs
  • Coordination between medical and vocational services to provide a seamless follow through of rehabilitation needs
  • Medical records gathering and chronological review

During the process, the consultants will see that prompt service is provided on referrals and coordinate supporting documentation gathering for the carrier.

During the active treatment phase of the claim, the consultants may attend physician office visits with/without the injured worker to conference with the treating physicians to assure that the appropriate issues are addressed, and facilitate care in a timely manner.

At any point in a claim, the consultants may review the file for outstanding issues, file direction, treatment concerns, evaluation of potential medical treatment, or any medical/vocational concerns.